Monitoring the Monaco Real Estate Market

What makes a property purchase valuable? For property buyers looking for a main residence, second home purchasers or the buy to let market, value equates to a desirable location and a wonderful investment opportunity. The adage is that the destination will always be regarded as sought-after and that the investment is as robust as possible. For all its French Riviera glitz and glamour, Monaco attracts a rich array of property hunters looking for a luxurious property in a stunning area with a price tag that is not going to devalue.

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The Value of a Desirable Destination

Monaco may be one of the most expensive real-estate markets in the world, but with good reason. The lifestyle it affords is spectacular with a laid-back yet sophisticated Mediterranean vibe. The limit set on high-rise property development means chic cities such as Monte Carlo still retain their harbour side beauty.

Incredible restaurants and a friendly, sociable community, Monaco welcomes visitors and newcomers warmly whilst still retaining its own unique identity for locals and expats alike to feel at home. Purchasing a property in Monaco, such as a luxury apartment, also means buying into an enviable lifestyle in a gorgeous part of the world with year-round sunshine.


The Value of Real Estate Stability

With so many property markets fluctuating wildly, not to mention the bottom falling out of some leaving real estate prices in free-fall, Monaco represents a solid, buoyant investment opportunity; a low-risk asset. Buying a Monaco property may be highly priced but its worth is also tied up in its ongoing high value and the stability of the economy and political arena. The limited number of properties available also adds to this value.

The Institut Monégasque de la Statistique et des Etudes Economiques (IMSEE) collects, interprets and publishes statistical data, the Monaco Statistics, to monitor the future of the Principality of Monaco. This provides a profile of the economic and social health of Monaco and enables forecasting for future trends, insights and analysis.


Real Estate Trends

According to the IMSEE Monaco Statistics, over the last six years the property market in Monaco has, “been on an upward trend, and the number of residents has also been increasing for several years.” In 2015, real estate sales of over 450 million Euros were recorded for new properties, with a record number of residential properties going up for sale. The new-build sector witnessed its highest increase in activity too, with 55% or transactions being for one-bedroom apartments. The second most popular property type was apartments with four or more bedrooms, accounting for 29% of all transactions.

The resale market, with sales of over 1,709 million in 2015, according to the Monaco Statistics, recorded 65% of resales of one-bedroom apartments. Some 84% of transactions in resale properties were one or two-bedroom apartments.


Experienced Property Navigation Needed

Whilst the statistics suggest more properties coming onto the market and a healthy resale flow, Monaco is small and supply is still limited, with smaller properties in particularly exchanging hands quickly. The key to buying in Monaco is to utilize the know-how of a good agent who can source the real property gems before they are snapped up. What every buyer wants to avoid is a real-estate battle and this often requires quick actions such as pitching in early and getting a property off the market as soon as possible.

The Monaco real-estate market is a different animal than slower markets in struggling economies or where supply exceeds demand. To navigate a property purchase it pays to have the skills of an experienced property expert who specializes in Monaco. In every way, Monaco is its own unique worlds, promising all types of riches, from real-estate to a priceless way of living.