Monaco’s A-List Residents


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It is easy to see that with its tax advantages, beautiful properties, and cosmopolitan lifestyle that Monaco pulls in not only the wealthy but also the rich and famous. It seems fitting that high-profile names should court the glittering jewel of the Riviera in business, music, and sport. After all, it was Queen Victoria of England, who visited the region often during the 19th Century, who gave the Riviera the royal seal of approval as the destination.

Perhaps the most famed celebrity resident was the sophisticated and striking American actress Grace Kelly who married Prince Rainier III in the ‘50s in a fairy-tale wedding and became the Princess of Monaco. With an incredible setting, climate, and real estate opportunities Monaco exudes enough star quality to attract the A-list glitterati to its chic, sophisticated shores.

With less than 40,000 residents, many of which are well-known names, it is not uncommon that if you live in Monaco to be rubbing shoulders and moving in social circles with famous faces. The principality even has its glossy magazine icons. The Grimaldi royal family has ruled Monaco for centuries and the young royals are as attractive and glamorous as any red carpet celebrity.

World champion racing driver Lewis Hamilton recently moved to Monaco and is quoted as saying he was attracted to the social scene. Certainly, the history and culture of motor racing have drawn many drivers such as Eddie Irvine, David Coulthard, Nico Rosberg and F1 superstars Jenson Button and Olivier Beretta.

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Monaco may have a reputation for the most spectacularly plush apartments and homes in the world, but the principality also offers an outdoorsy lifestyle of yachting and Riviera living that appeals to many top athletes. Monaco is a game-set-and-match choice as a residence for many of the world’s elite tennis players too, from Bjorn Borg to Boris Becker, Novak Djokovic, Juan ‘Pico’ Monaco, and Caroline Wozniacki.

In the world of entertainment, not only has Monaco, and more specifically Monte Carlo, played a leading role in James Bond movies, but James Bond himself, Sir Roger Moore, has been a long-term resident in Monaco. With its luxury properties and striking design in one of the most beautiful parts of the world, it is almost impossible to imagine 007 living anywhere else.  Meanwhile, 007 singing diva extraordinaire, Dame Shirley Bassey has a magnificent mansion in Monte Carlo.

The music keeps on playing in Monaco where residents live life to the full and follow their beat. Beatles drummer Ringo Starr invested in an apartment in what is the most exclusive address in Monte Carlo, and rock and roll Bono from U2 reside where the streets have the names of upscale real estate gems.

Of course, it is not just Monaco’s red-carpet residents that add to the principality’s glitz and glamor; there are many famous fans of Monaco dropping by for a holiday in the sun too. Since Cannes is just down the coastline, the Riviera has been the property purchasing choice for many of those in the spotlight. With its movie-star good looks, sense of style and contagious rhythm of life, Monaco achieves A-list status all on its very own.