The Monaco Grand Prix Story

Formula 1’s most iconic race, the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix, held annually in May is the racing calendar’s most renowned event. The narrow, winding streets of Monaco are transformed into the race’s unique track, with up-close action and an exhilarating atmosphere; a glamorous and exciting F1 experience for residents and visitors alike.

At 3.34 kilometers a lap, the Monaco circuit is the shortest Grand Prix track, but covers more laps than any other race, with 78, equaling a distance of 260.52 kilometers.  Weaving through Monaco’s streets, the race, which celebrates its 75th year in 2017, also challenges drivers with the famed Turn 6, F1’s tightest hairpin bend and the slowest, with cars taking the corner at around 50 km/h.


Monaco Grand Prix History

A wealthy businessman, Alexandre Noghès organized the first Monaco Rally in 1911, with his son, Anthony setting up the first Grand Prix in 1929 with the Automobile Club de Monaco. With just a few modifications, the layout, the Circuit de Monaco, has stayed the same ever since.

In 1950, the race became part of the Formula One World Championship. Today, the race is still one of the top F1 events, with a tight track with lots of twists and turns. The Monaco circuit’s tunnel is one of its unique features, demanding greater focus from drivers who pit their skills with little opportunity to overtake on the narrow track.


Monaco F1 Racing Stars

The winner of the 1929 race, William Grover-Williams drove a Bugatti and was a French special agent who was captured and killed by the Nazis during World War II. The first winner of the F1 Word Championship race in 1950 was famed Argentinian racing car driver Juan Manuel Fangio driving an Alfa Romeo. Over the years, McLaren has won 15 championships, Ferrari nine, and Lotus seven.

The legendary Ayrton Senna claimed the most wins at Monaco, with the Brazilian having taken top position six times, five consecutively, during the 1980s and ‘90s. In total, Senna stood on the steps of the royal box for eight podium titles.

Other Monaco F1 greats include British racing superstar Graham Hill, dubbed ‘Mr Monaco’, who secured five wins between the 1950s-60s. Interestingly, his son, Damon Hill also won the F1 World Championship, making the pair the only father and son to have done so. Josh Hill, his grandson also competed until retiring at aged 22 in 2013.

German driver Michael Schumacher  won at Monaco five times and in 2004 set a lap record of 1:14.439, while Frenchman Alain Prost claimed four wins and top British drivers Stirling Moss and Jackie Stewart triumphed three times along with Germany’s Nico Rosberg.


Monaco Grand Prix 2016

After a 2008 win, British racing driver Lewis Hamilton claimed first place with Mercedes in the 2016 race, setting a fastest lap of the competition at 1:17.9. In second place was pole position winner Daniel Ricciardo from Australia with Red Bull-TAG Heuer and in third, Mexico’s Sergio Pérez  with Force India-Mercedes.

With fast cars, racing drivers, and the glamor of Monaco the F1 event in the French Riviera is incredible and the Monaco Grand Prix 2017 between May 25 – 28, is set to be as spectacular as ever.


What it Means to Apartment Owners & Rentals?

Most apartments (if not all) with a view of the streets where the race can be seen are literally full during this time of year. Short term rental rates skyrocket and even for the real fanatics, it means buying an apartment in Monaco, especially for this purpose.