5 Interesting Facts About Monaco

With an incredible array or gorgeous bistros, elegant buildings, and stunning beach and harborside, Monaco has a unique energy and ambience. The principality engages vacationers with holiday homes and expat residents who have chosen to invest in much more than a property.

Monaco is an extraordinary destination, and here are five interesting facts about Monaco to show why.


Small is beautiful

With close to 40,000 residents, 3,500 of whom live in Monte Carlo, Monaco is the second smallest country in the world, at two square kilometers, after the Vatican City, and the second most densely populated.

A small gem of a nation, it is no surprise that many jetsetters choose Monaco for rest and play. Monaco exudes the branding of an exclusive, luxurious Mediterranean hotspot; from its specialist real estate opportunities, to its wealth of natural beauty, fine dining restaurants, and incredible lifestyle.  


Lifestyles of the rich and famous

In 1983, James Bond stopped in Monaco to visit Monte Carlo’s famous casino in Never Say Never Again, whilst the principality had a starring role in GoldenEye. In fact, popular Bond actor, Roger Moore now lives in Monaco. Most recently, Monaco was the backdrop for blockbuster Iron Man II and in 2004 the casino was featured in movie Ocean’s Twelve.

Monaco was home to a real-life fairytale when American screen siren Grace Kelly fell in love with Prince Rainier III, marrying the then ruling monarch in 1956 and becoming Princess of Monaco.  


Formula One sport superstars

One of the most prestigious Formula One racing events of the year, Monaco Grand Prix is also one of the oldest too, having been first held in 1929. In that first year, half French and half English winner William Grover-Williams was a special agent with British World War II organization, the Special Operations Executive.

Run on the streets of Monte Carlo, the race is a fast and short lap with tight corners and adrenaline-pumping twists and turns. Grand Prix champion, Jenson Button calls Monaco home, as does former racing driver David Coulthard, and British racing superstar, Lewis Hamilton.


Low down on prime real estate

Renowned for its super prime properties, Monaco had a ban for some 20 years on high-rise builds, meaning it is relatively skyscraper free. A recent high-rise, built in 2015, is the multi-million dollar penthouses at the 170 meter Odeon Tower. The second tallest building on Europe’s Mediterranean coastline boasts a marble disco and stingray upholstered tables and chairs.

Whilst Avenue Princesse Grace is one of the most, if not the most expensive real estate roads in the world, the qualifications for buying or renting in Monaco are fairly low compared to other tax haven destinations, adding to its affordability and allure.


Luxury yachting destination

The upscale Port Hercule harbor attracts the luxury yachting community, particularly with its annual Monaco Yacht Show. For 25 years, the event has been a highlight for international fleets, with the latest superyachts on show in the most glamorous location in the world.

The Primo Cup, organized by the Yacht Club of Monaco, is the Mediterranean’s first major yachting competition of the season. Monaco held its first regattas in 1862 and has a strong cultural heritage with the sea and seafaring. The stunning coastline of Monaco, bordered on the other three sides by France, is linked to the country through industry, tourism, and leisure.
Monaco is an exciting, vibrant and dynamic country that is small in size, but big in class and character.