10 Reasons to Live in Monaco

Home to the rich and famous, Monaco has an iconic image as a glamorous destination that shines out beyond its compact and bijoux size. Attracting such a chic mix of residents, what is it about Monaco that really gives it star quality? Here are 10 Reasons Living in Monaco is awesome:


Beauty & Climate

Monaco is surrounded by the idyllic French Riviera with its charming seaside ambience and mountainous landscape of the Southern Alps, with Mount Agel on the border with France. Monaco is not only by the Cote d’Azur and Provence, but also the gorgeous Italian Riviera. Bordered by the warm waters of the Med, Monaco basks in 300 days of glorious sunshine a year.


Real Estate & Tax Haven

To own a luxury property in Monaco is to be a resident, and to be a resident means no tax on worldwide income, along with other tax benefits. Monaco may be on the highest price rung of the property ladder in Europe, but the nation affords a wealth of exclusive homes that really put Monaco’s incredible real estate on the luxury map. For homes and buy-to-let properties, Monaco boasts some outstanding investments.



A luxury property and sunshine by the sea, Monaco has a glitzy image and lifestyle is sophisticated, cultured, relaxed. Yachting, ski-resorts not too far away, and events happening throughout the year, not to mention a fabulous coastline, Monaco is what you make it and has a fabulous choice of boutiques, restaurants, and bars. From the sporty to the glamorous, the vibe is about living life to the full in a gorgeous location.


International Set

Some 20% of the Monaco population are indigenous, or Monegasques, which means that the majority of Monaco residents are from everywhere else. The international population gives this small principality a big personality and lots of character. It also creates great diversity not just in terms of community and socializing, but also in terms of culture, entertainment, and dining.


Cultural Events

Monaco does not only create palatial mansions and architectural real estate masterpieces, it boasts an impressive cultural calendar too. With its own philharmonic orchestra, opera, and ballet company, Monaco also holds annual international festivals, such as the Spring Arts Festival. Art galleries and exhibition spaces include the award-winning cultural center, the Grimaldi Forum.


Community & Safety

Since Prince Rainier III declared, “Monaco must have total security”, policing in the principality has become the most modern and efficient in Europe. It is also the largest in terms of per capita and based on Monaco’s size. Monaco also has a low crime rate and the community vibe is more like a friendly village of expats rather than an anonymous city.


Sporting Events

Monaco is home to some world-class sporting events, including Formula One Grand Prix, rally car races, and the nostalgic Monaco Historic Grand Prix, plus the Monte Carlo Tennis Tournament. There is a big yachting community here to such as in the La Condamine District with some of the finest superyachts on show in the harbor. Monaco also attracts attention for its show jumping, swimming, and football.



Because of its location, just 30 minutes’ drive from Nice Airport, one of the largest in France, Monaco is well positioned to reach a number of international destinations. This means that it is perfectly situated for business connections, as well as a second-home or holiday home destination. Monaco is easy to reach and easy to get around once you are here simply because of its size.



Add luxury living, a wealth of upmarket real estate owners, and an international community on the Med together and mix it up and you have a gastronomic delight. Monaco is home to many gourmet and fine dining restaurants serving up award-winning, fine-dining menus with Michelin star eateries and Tables du Monde dining experiences.

Monaco attracts property buyers as one of the top real estate hotspots in the world because of its beauty, activities, and lifestyle; promising its resident millionaires the best of all worlds.